Monday, April 23, 2018

Testing Schedule and Magnet Relocation Plan

Team Tri-Cities,

The testing season is upon us!  This very busy time of year requires an all hands on deck approach to ensure our students, magnet included, have a seamless, distraction free testing environment.  This year we piloted testing in the magnet building, E-hall, and the media center.  Testing in these areas allows us to isolate our testers as much as possible while non-testing students on halls J - M and the main building continue to move to classes.  While there were a few kinks to work through, this year's testing plan is a marked improvement over the previous school year.   As a result of testing, band, chorus, orchestra, and dance students were relocated to the following areas through May 4.

  • Mrs. Christian's chorus classes are relocated to the original chorus room in the main building.

  • Mr. Rowland and Mr. Johnson's band classes relocated to the theater stage.  Instruments are secured in the adjoining classroom.

  • Dance classes relocated to the original dance studio in the main building.

On Monday, April 16, I met with Mr. Rowland, Mrs. Christian, Mr. Johnson, and Dr. Mingo to ensure the team had all resources needed to move forward with practice and rehearsals.  Band teachers expressed concern about instrument storage, therefore, the adjoining stage classroom was rekeyed to ensure instruments and supplies remain secure.   Rehearsals for Jamboree, Jazz ala Mode, Gospel Concert, and other spring concerts were not impacted by this move.  While Mr. Rowland and Mr. Johnson elected not to participate in the May 4th and May 12th Jamborees this school year, the band program has first priority of the theater stage - before and after school - during the testing window.  Please note the May 12th Jamboree conflicts with our senior Visions ceremony.  Band, dance, orchestra, and chorus classes will relocate to the magnet building May 7.  Makeup testing for absent students will occur May 3rd and 4th.

The Georgia Milestones end of course assessments count for 20% of the final grade in physical science, biology, economics, U. S. History, algebra I, geometry, American literature, and 9th grade literature courses.  We believe this relocation schedule is necessary to ensure our scholars test in a distraction free environment.  Please contact me at should you wish to donate snacks, juices, water, or well wishes for our testers.

Testing Schedule


Termerion McCrary Lakes
Proud Principal

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