Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year

Check out our new atrium!

Greetings families!

I hope you're ready for second semester!   Please take the time to get organized and set a solid foundation for the spring semester.  Review the notes below to get started on the right track.

  •     Students report back to school Monday, January 9th at 8:20 am.  Students that report to school daily, on time tend to perform better than their peers.  Emphasize the importance of punctuality over the winter break and ensure your child arrives to school by 8:10 am.  This gives them time to stop by their locker and arrive to class on time.  Students that do not arrive to class on time will receive a consequence.
  •       Review our dress code and ensure your child is appropriately dressed for school.  Be sure to reinforce our expectations regarding sagging pants, slides, hoods, and ripped jeans; it is our expectation that students maintain a school appropriate appearance every day. 
  •       Ensure your child has their tools for learning.   No student should enter our school without pencils, pens, books, and binders/notebooks.  Make a habit of reviewing the Home Access Center and the contents of your child’s notebooks and asking LOTS of questions about the quality of work submitted and course progress.  
  •       Our construction project will be complete after the winter vacation!  Student drop offs will move from the gym lobby to the Harris Street entrance effective January 9, 2017.  It is critical that students are prepared to exit cars quickly to maintain a steady traffic flow.  Be sure to follow the speed limits as you travel through our community, student and citizen safety is paramount. 
I thank you for your continued support and wish you a prosperous New Year!

      Termerion McCrary Lakes
      Proud Principal